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Student Housing

Student Housing



Location : Between Housing Buildings A and B

Contact : 82-32-626-0660

Boarding Expenses for Housing

Boarding Expenses for Housing
Classification 16 Weeks 17 Weeks 18 Weeks
(Dormitory B)
1,500,000 KRW 1,594,000 KRW 1,688,000 KRW
(Dormitory A)
950,000 KRW 1,009,000 KRW 1,069,000 KRW

Regular Boarding

How to apply (For Only IGC Students)

- Housing Application (refer to Below Web-Site Link)

* https://housing.igc.or.kr

- Documentation Attach

* One Copy of TB-test report (Based on examination(Chest x-ray) made no longer than three months prior to the date of boarding)

* One Copy of Payment Document (Receipt)

- Omission Information(Document) should be sent to housing via email

* housing@igc.or.kr

※ Check-in Application will be progressed after All documents (Application form and attached documents) are completely sent.

※ Only IGC Student can send several attached files via email. (Other students cannot be sent via email, but only bring all documents when they are boarding the room.)

※ Document Copy files can be submitted for Check-in. All submitted files cannot be returned or copied.

- If you have any further question, please contact 032-626-4856 (Housing Office)

Mid-term Boarding

Vacancies will be announced when available.

Packing Information

Personal belongings

Personal belongings
Classification Type
Basic Furnishings
Desk, chair, wardrobe, bed (mattress), stand
Personal Belongings
Personal computer, toiletries, LAN cable, wifi router, other living goods (e.g. toilet paper, hanger, bathroom shoes, waste bin), bedding (e.g. pillow, pad, bedclothes), mini refrigerator, etc.

* Mini Refrigerators should be follow below condition.

46 liter max. capacity / Power Saver Level 1 Required

You need to get approved by IGC Housing office if you want to bring in to your room. Please bring to Housing A117 when you check-in.

Restricted Items

Restricted Items
Classification Type
Electric heating appliances Electric pad, Electric heater, Iron, Electric stove, etc.
Home appliances Electric rice cooker, Hot plate, Electric pot, Coffee maker, etc.
Dangerous materials Gas burner, Knife (for non-learning uses), lethal weapons, inflammables

A curling iron should have a power cutoff feature.


All stuffs in room after check-out will be discarded. Please check your all of your belongings when you check-out

Regular Vacating (How to apply)

- Fill in the vacating application form and submit to the IGC Housing Office

- Clean the room

- Inspect the room together with the superintendent

- Examine the room, check the room condition before vacating

Mid-term Vacating

- Any tenant wishing to leave the Housing before completion of the stay period is requested to submit the "mid-term vacating application" to the Housing Operation Office.

※ Only Official Reason, such as military service or leave of absence are permitted.

- The amount of boarding expenses to be refunded varies pursuant to the Housing Refund Regulations.

Terms of Refund of Boarding Expenses

Terms of Refund of Boarding Expenses
Time of leaving Amount returned
4 weeks after moving in 75%
8 weeks after moving in 50%
12 weeks after moving in 25%
More than 12 weeks after moving in 0%


This refers to students who are asked to leave the Housing due to violation of Housing regulations.

Students subject to eviction should take their personal belongings and leave the room on the notified date of eviction, and their boarding expenses shall not be refunded.

  •   Department in charge  :  University Relations Headquaters
  •   Manager  :  DoHee Kwon
  •   Contact  :  dhkwon@igc.or.kr