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Bio Support Center

IFEZ Bio Analysis Center Project Overview

IFEZ Bio Analysis Center Project Overview
Name IFEZ Bio Analysis Center
Established by Incheon Global Campus Foundation (IGCF)
Location IGCF Support Center, 3rd Floor
Project Description equipment lease, analysis service, talent development, network support
Project Operation Commissioned to a private company (currently commissioned to: BINEX)

Project Rationale

Need to establish a balanced and collaborative bio ecosystem within Songdo Biofront.

To vitalize the bio industry in Songdo, there is a rising need to build a public infrastructure that will allow equipment sharing and analysis services.

By acquiring cutting-edge analysis equipments needed to perform the requisite analyses at various stages of the biomedical drug development process, the goal is to provide a One-Stop Total analysis service for the entire life-cycle of the industry, from research to development to production.

Operation Plan

There are equipments that are essential to the analysis of biomedical drugs for their research and development; however, it is challenging for each business, research institute or college to own them. By enabling them to share such equipment, while providing analysis support service as well as talent development programs, the Project helps to establish a tripartite network among industry, academia and research bodies.

- Provide ‘analysis service’ in conjunction with biomedical drug manufacturing process development.

- Operate an ‘open’ equipment sharing program

- With the goal of expanding the technology base, provide ‘professional talent development’ training/education.

- By creating a Consultative Group of mass spectrometer Analysis technicians, establish Tripartite (industry, academia, research) Network.’

Evolve into an anchor facility that serves to enhance IFEZ-based biomedical drug development capability, establish strong network among industry, academia and research bodies, energize the Cluster as a core facility, and attract investment across the bio industry.

List of IFEZ Bio Analysis Center Equipments

List of IFEZ Bio Analysis Center Equipments
Division Equipment name Equipment pictures
Separate analysis equipment Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography 초고성능 액체크로마토그래피 시스템 장비 사진
Multimode Microfluidics System 다기능 미세유체 시스템 장비 사진
Structural stability analysis equipment Automatic Circular Dichroism Spectrometer 전자동화 원이색 분광광도계 장비 사진
Dynamic Light Scattering System 동적 광산란 광도계 시스템 장비 사진
Differential Scanning Calorimetry 시차주사 열량계 장비 사진
Mass analysis connection Equipment Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography 초고성능 액체크로마토 그래피 장비 사진
Optical Interferometer 광학 간섭계 장비 사진
Specimen Preprocessing Automation Equipment HT Automatic Liquid Handler 초고속 분석시료 자동화 장비 장비 사진
Multiple Spectro Photometer 다목적 분광광도계 장비 사진
Hydrogen-deuterium Exchanger 수소-중수소 교환반응 자동화 장비 장비 사진
Basic essential equipment Rapid Enzyme Digestion System 급속 효소 반응기 장비 사진
Water Purification System 초순수 제조장치 장비 사진
Centrifugal Evaporating System 진공 원심 농축기 장비 사진
High Speed Centrifuge 고속 원심분리기 장비 사진
Tabletop Microcentrifuge (refrigerated) 탁상형 미세원심분리기 장비 사진
Thermomixer 혼합기 장비 사진
Mass Spectrometry Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography 초고성능 질량분석시스템 장비 사진
High Performance Liquid Chromatography 고성능 질량분석시스템 장비 사진
  •   Department in charge  :  University Relations Headquaters
  •   Manager  :  DoHee Kwon
  •   Contact  :  dhkwon@igc.or.kr