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Vision Statement

We will build the best educational hub in Northeast Asia for universities and research institutions to produce next generation world leaders and contribute to the advancement of academia and society worldwide.

  • Mission

    A world-class education hub by supporting the attraction and operation of foreign educational research institutes and overseas universities

    Creating a world-class global education hub based on a global education platform
  • Management Policy

    • Creating an optimal educational research environment
    • Laying the foundation for the 2nd phase of the campus
    • Upgrading campus facilities
    • Implementation of ESG management
  • Core Values

    • C Communication
    • G Globalization
    • F Flexibility
    • I Integrity
  • Goals by 2030

    • < High Impact Education Hub Environment >
      Operational support for 10 residential universities
    • < Full-scale Construction of the 2nd Phase of the Campus >
      Student fill rate 90% 45 cases of industry-university cooperation
    • < Increased Use of Campus Facilities >
      Facility utilization rate 100% Satisfaction with facility 90%
    • < Establishment of Sustainable Growth ESG Management System >
      ESG management creation index & Integrity level 95
  • Strategic directions

    • Successful establishment of global education hub
    • Building a platform for revitalizing an innovative knowledge ecosystem
    • Activation of campus facility operation
    • ESG social responsibility reinforcement and sustainability management innovation
  • Strategics

    • Strengthening support for attracting prestigious overseas universities and research institutes

      Advancement of campus education and research environment

      PR and Marketing as a Global Education Hub

    • Multi-faceted support to increase student fill rate

      Construct a virtuous cycle ecosystem by establishing a foundation for the creation of a new normal industry-university cluster

      Establishing the foundation through completion of the 1st phase of the campus

    • Reinforcement of facility safety management

      Activation of IGC facility operation(rental, use permit, etc.)

      Reinforcement of facility operation for stabilization of life on campus

    • Establishment of customer satisfaction management system

      Realization of ESG management by expanding social responsibility areas

      Securing financial soundness for sustainable business promotion

  •   Department in charge  :  Customer Satisfaction Division
  •   Manager  :  HaeSook Jung
  •   Contact  :  freshhs@igc.or.kr