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Vision Statement

We will build the best educational hub in Northeast Asia for universities and research institutions to produce next generation world leaders and contribute to the advancement of academia and society worldwide.

  • Mission

    As the top educational hub in North East Asia, we will host world-leading universities and support them in running their programs at full capacity.

    We are committed to being the top educational hub in North East Asia.
  • Core Values

    • W Workforce
    • I Integrity
    • T Togetherness
    • H Harmony
  • Goals by 2025

    • Support 10 universities in campus
    • Accomplish 100% utilization of campus facilities
    • Achieve the best organization in management evaluation
  •   Department in charge  :  Administrative Affairs Team
  •   Manager  :  Manager Chaelin Kim
  •   Contact  :  dm6717@igc.or.kr