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Q1 What is Incheon Global Campus?

Incheon Global Campus (IGC) is a global hub for education and research. Incheon Global Campus will host 10 world-leading universities and research institutions and promote university-industry collaborations.

Q2 Which universities are on your campus?

Currently IGC has the following universities

Q3 How can I apply for universities on the Incheon Global Campus?

For information about the admission process, please visit each university’s website.

SUNY Korea
George Mason University Korea
Ghent University Global Campus
The University of Utah Asia Campus
Fashion Institute of Technology(FIT)

Q4 Is there any difference between a degree from a university on the Incheon Global Campus and a degree from their main campus?

No. The degree you earn from a university on the Incheon Global Campus is exactly the same as the degree awarded from the university’s main campus.

Q5. Is admission open to all?

Yes. Citizens of all nations are welcome to apply. Students will be chosen based on their academic potential and qualifications and not by their ethnic background.

Q6 Who is a typical student on Incheon Global Campus?

There is no ‘typical’ student on our campus. Our students come from varied backgrounds and bring different values to the community. You’ll meet and collaborate with people of a variety of ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds. On the campus you will find an opportunity to be a global citizen every day.

Q7 Do you offer scholarships to students?

Universities on the Incheon Global Campus offer scholarships to eligible students who meet certain criteria. You can inquire of each university.

Q8 Is there any chance for the students on IGC to study at their home campuses?

Yes. IGC students are required to spend one year studying at their university’s home campus. This exchange complements the truly global education our students receive and provides them with invaluable opportunities to experience academic life on the home campus.
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  •   Manager  :  SeungYeun Kang
  •   Contact  :  sykang@igc.or.kr