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IT Service

IT Service

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Information Services

How to use wired LAN

Installed on the walls or floors of classrooms, laboratories, computer rooms, dormitories and faculty apartments on campus are LAN ports enabling wired connection. You can connect your desktop or laptop to one of these ports with a network cable (UTP cable) to use the Internet.

A private IP is automatically allocated when you connect your laptop or desktop computer to the outlet ports on the wall.

How to use wireless LAN

On campus, you can easily connect to the Internet using a laptop, smart phone or other wireless LAN card-embedded device. There may be some blind spots with relatively weak signals, but the wireless access points (AP) are comprised of mesh nets, providing uninterrupted Internet access within the campus even on the go.

The wireless connection is available for all members however, you need a password to the wireless AP.

Application for public IP

Any universities that needs to use a public IP is requested to fill in the following form and make an application with an official notice:

Download the application form for public IP ▶
Opening of firewall port

If you must open a firewall for research and academic purposes, please make an application with an official notice containing the following items:

• Public IP (private IP)

• Chief manager

• Administrator

• Place of installation

• Service port

• Purpose of use

[Inquiry] Data Center

The Incheon Global Campus operates cutting-edge IT educational infrastructure and computerized systems so that our residentuniversities can dedicate themselves to their mission of education and research activities.

• Tel. 82-32-626-0200

• Email: itcenter@igc.or.kr

  •   Department in charge  :  Campus Operating Headquaters
  •   Manager  :  Sung Hyun Yoon
  •   Contact  :  shyoon2@igc.or.kr