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IGC LIBRARY IGC Library Homepage ▶

Library Hours

This is a table of library hours
Facility Name Semester Vacation
GloFore 24hours 08:00 - 18:00
FocusLounge 08:00 - 24:00
Talk Square
2F Lounge
3F Lounge
Materials Room
Korean Collections Room
Mon~Thu 08:00 ~ 20:00 Mon~Fri 08:00 ~ 18:00
Fri 08:00 ~ 18:00
Weekend Closed Weekend Closed

Access the library

Bring your IGC ID card to enter the library
[student] A student`s card is mandatory to enter the library and loan books
[Faculty/Staff] For new faculty/staff members who wish to have access to the library, they must create a library account through the library homepage notice board. After registering on the webpage, bring your IGC ID card and stop by the librarian.
Scan your ID card on the ‘Seat Reservation System’ kiosk and select a seat number in order to use a seat.

- When you use a seat or a groupstudy room, you must complete the entry authentication within 30 minutes from the reserved time.


This is a table of book lending/return service information
user type amount period renew fee
Student undergraduate 10books 15days 2times per book/day
500 KRW
Master`s degree 15books 20days 2times
Doctoral degree 30books 30days 2times
Faculty/Staff Professor 50books 180days 1times
Lecturer/Researcher 10books 90days 1times
Staff 5books 30days 2times
Etc Special Member 10books 30days 2times
Lost / Damaged books

- Korean Collections Room: 032-626-0611

- Materials Room: 032-626-0612

Available services

Library homepage: https://lib.igc.or.kr/
Seat/Groupstudy Room Reservation Webpage: https://seat.igc.or.kr/
Self Copymachine(payment required)

- There is a self-copying machine on the 1F of the library. (6PCs for search & editing)

Electronic Lockers

- There are lockers in the aisle on the 2F of the library. (Available from 08:00 am to 12:00 am)

Ask Librarian

Tel : 032-626-0612
  •   Department in charge  :  Campus Operating Headquaters
  •   Manager  :  JiYeon Seo
  •   Contact  :  jyseo2@igc.or.kr