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About IGC

Incheon Global Campus (IGC), The Best Global Education Hub in the world

Incheon Global Campus is a national project established by the Korean government and Incheon Metropolitan City, to innovate the education system of Korea and to nurture next generation of global leaders in the fields of education, economics, industry, culture and arts. With an investment of USD 1 billion, the global campus will host ten of the world’s prestigious universities.

Universities at IGC are “extended campuses” of which graduation assessment and educational management are run by their home campuses. The home campuses are also in charge of appointing faculty members, and students spend one year at the home campus to complete their degrees. Upon graduation, students are awarded the same degree as their counterparts at the home campus.

At Universities on Incheon Global Campus, you can

Earn the same degree as students at the home campus

A student who has successfully completed the program at a university of IGC will receive the identical degree to the one on the home campus.

Take the same educational curriculum and program as the home campus

Universities at the IGC are “extended campuses” of universities whose graduation assessment and educational management are run by their home campuses. The curriculum and program you will take on IGC are also identical to those on the home campuses.

Learn from excellent faculty members appointed by the home campus

Faculty members on the extend campus are from their home campus, and those from outside their home campus are recruited with strict employment requirements. Every class on IGC is taught in English.

Study one year on the home campus

IGC students are required to spend one year studying at their university’s home campus. This exchange complements the truly global education our students receive and provides them with invaluable opportunities to experience academic life on the home campus. Our students come from varied countries and cultural backgrounds. One of the best parts of studying on IGC is the opportunity to learn in a dynamic atmosphere with a culturally diverse student body. Such friendships made on IGC will last a lifetime.

Progress in IGC Development

Progress in IGC Development
Year History
August 17, 2007 Decided to build an educational hub in Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ)
July 25, 2008 Stony Brook University (SUNY) signed the final agreement to open its campus
March 26, 2009 Established a special purpose entity named
May 20, 2009 Groundbreaking ceremony to build the global campus
July 31, 2009 Initial phrase construction in Zone 1 and 2 started
February 23, 2012 Incorporated Songdo Global University Foundation
March 3, 2012 SUNY Korea opened
March 19, 2012 held an official opening ceremony
July 8-19,2013 FIT held summer program
March 10,2014 George Mason University Korea opened
September 1, 2014 Ghent University Global Campus and The University of Utah Asia Campus opened
March 2, 2015 Changed the name to the Incheon Global Campus
December 29, 2015 Construction of ZONE 3 completed
June 3, 2021 Stanford Center at the Incheon Global Campus opened

Strong support from Korean government - Advance base for the global education market

Best Global Education Hub in the world with 10 world’s prestigious universities

  • Anchor for the world Education Market

    Easy access to China, Japan, India, and Asian countries

    Globalization of education

    Advantage of cluster of industry-academiaR&D for student recruitment and job opportunity

  • Shared Campus

    Programs-Oriented hosting

    Synergy effect through cooperation between universities

    Advantage of competitive education cost

  • Strong Support from Korean Government

    Financial, operation, and facilities support

    Autonomous operation by hosted university

    Participation in government R&D programs

  •   Department in charge  :  University Relations Headquaters
  •   Manager  :  SangMin Park
  •   Contact  :  smpark@igc.or.kr