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Global Startup Campus

Global Startup Campus Project Overview

Global Startup Campus Project Overview
Timeline Phase 1 (5 years, 2017 to 2021)
Main Facility Single/Multiple offices, Lean Start-up production plant, Idea Room, Accelerator support, etc.
Estimated Cost 12.7 billion KRW (city expenditure) over 5 years/1.5 billion KRW in 2017
Location & Size On Incheon Global Campus / approximately 4,349㎡ (1,315 pyong)
Objective Grow 200 global businesses and create 10K jobs


The Global Startup Campus Project builds a ‘Go Global Framework’ and presents them to individual entrepreneurs and businesses that are targeting the global market.

By creating a ‘go global framework’ and by cultivating technology-based global startup businesses, it serves as a forward base that contributes to creating quality jobs and energizing the local economy.

Implementation Strategy

By fusing Smart Venture Campus with global universities on IGC and the Software Convergence Cluster, this project will help to establish and operate a ‘Global Business Special Zone.’

Utilize IGC universities as an essential project resource.

Build and operate a full life-cycle funding system, by proving a full slate of startup funds, accelerator/angel funds, R&D funds, startup loans, venture capital investment, among other funding mechanisms.

Introduce new strategies, such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and so

  •   Department in charge  :  University Relations Headquaters
  •   Manager  :  DoHee Kwon
  •   Contact  :  dhkwon@igc.or.kr