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Why IGC?

Cost-effective education & living expenses

Shared Campus of World’s Prestigious Universities

  • Developed as a big university campus by attracting reputed departments of each university and through collaboration between the universities

  • Create new culture by gaining opportunities to share experiences and build network with the students from about 30 countries

  • Study at foreign universities with more affordable cost compared to going to other countries

  • Satisfy the interest toward Hallyu by experiencing Korean culture

  • Enjoy pleasant residential conditions of Songdo International City

  • Chances of learning about a variety of cultures and languages by networking with the students from different countries

World’s Safety Ranking NO.1 High-tech Smart City

The Safest Country in the World, Korea / With high-tech security system U - City, Songdo

  • Korea has been selected as the safest country in the world for 3 years in a row.

  • Songdo has the world’s highest level of ubiquitous system and uses the system for public security.

  • The highest security is working for 24 hours such as multi-CCTV of five million pixels and tracking intruder CCTV.

Employment Environment of IGC

  • United Nations(UN)

    - A total of 14 UN organizations including the UN GCF (Green Climate Fund) Secretariat are operating in the international city, Songdo.

  • International Corporations

    - Over 800 companies as Boeing, Shenker, BMW, SAMSUNG, LG and POSCO with worldwide reputation are currently working on IFEZ.

  • BIO Cluster

    - The universities in IGC have already built industry-academia-research collaborations and MOU with leading bio companies such as SAMSUMG Biologics and Celltrion on Songdo Bio Cluster, which will help IGC students have lots of chances to land a job in these industries after graduation.

  • Multi Resort Complex

    - Several multi resort complex in IFEZ are needed talent with global capacity as increasing in a huge scale.

Global Networking

Students who choose IGC as new environment to study rather than staying at their home country in USA , Europe, and Asia can be called pioneer with real open-mind. They are interested in various culture of the world and desire to cultivate their international capacity.

Composed of these prepared global citizens, IGC provides the environment where the students can learn about virtues as global leader based on emotional stability, equal education and no discrimination. With the universities networked together in IGC, the students even graduation will be able to build wider global network as IGC alumni more than just a university alumni.

Proximity to Seoul

IGC is located at a distance of one hour by car, express bus, or subway from Seoul, the Capital of Korea. Advanced public transport system of Korea will make your student life at IGC more convenient and enjoyable.

  •   Department in charge  :  University Relations Headquaters
  •   Manager  :  SeungYeun Kang
  •   Contact  :  sykang@igc.or.kr